Roof Wind Damage

Identifying Wind Damage on your Roof

Catch problems before they do costly damage to your home's interior

Signs of Wind Damage

High winds can remove or tear shingles, leaving the underlayment, roof deck, or waterproofing material exposed to the elements.

During less severe storms, sudden, sharp gusts of wind can lift, crease, and curl shingles. Singles overlap in order to create a water-tight seal. Wind can break this seal, leaving your roof vulnerable to damage from wind-driven rain.

Experts recommend you have your roof professionally inspected every year and after major storms. Our inspectors can safely perform a thorough inspection and put your mind at ease. 

Lifted Shingles

Also difficult to detect unless looking for it. Wind lifts shingles enough to loosen/raise the nails beneath. Raised nails lift the shingles, allowing wind & water into your home and doing further damage to the shingles.

Creased Shingles

Not easy to detect but a big indicator of damage. Look for a darker line along the horizontal length of shingles. Wind bends shingles back on themselves, often ripping them away from the nails, leaving a path for water to enter your home.

Missing Shingles

When it comes to the integrity of your roof, every shingle counts. A single missing tab doesn't mean you need a new roof, but it CAN cause issues over time. The older your roof, the greater the chances for progressive leak damage.

Damaged Vents

Wind can lift more than just shingles. It can damage flashing around vents and even chimneys. Look for gaps or loose sealant around all roof penetrating parts such as pipes, fans, or skylights.


Deposits of debris such as tree branches or broken glass on the roof, in the gutters, or in the yard are signs of a serious storm and indicate the need for a thorough inspection.

Roof Leak

Check the top floor or attic for water or wet spots that might be dripping from your ceiling. If you find any, contact a roofing expert right away.

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Kevin F. ★★★★★
“We were very happy with Marathon, and John in particular. He worked tirelessly with our insurance coverage and ended up getting us a complete roof replacement even though our insurance company only wanted to cover half. The new roof is beautiful and seems to be holding up to the recent winds and rain very well.”
Ward M. ★★★★★
“I think this is the best contractor I have encountered in 8 years in the area. John runs an exceptionally responsive and professional operation.”
Linda W. ★★★★★
“We used Marathon Roofing to replace our roof in Leland and inspect and repair our roof at Carolina Beach. This is the best customer service we have experienced since we moved here in 2007. I would highly recommend Johnathan Hakes and Marathon Roofing!!”
Yelena & Bryan ★★★★★
“We would like to express our appreciation to John, with Marathon Roofing, for his fast response and a job well done on our chimney, which was damaged by strong winds. We would recommend him to anybody who need a quality job, or help with insurance clam, as Marathon is very reliable and knowledgeable company. We couldn’t have asked for better service and would definitely use this company again in the future.”
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