Roof Installation

Congratulations! You’re getting a new roof!  This is an exciting time but it can also be stressful.  Major construction is about to be performed on your home, afterall.  Knowing what to expect goes a long way in alleviating concerns and helps you prepare.  

Here’s what to expect:

roof shingles
  • Marathon Roofing provides you with shingle samples to help you pick the right shingle and color for your home. See our Select the Best Roofing Materials page for more information.
  • We then order supplies and determine the best date to begin installation, based on material availability, your schedule, and the weather forecast.
  • Materials are delivered.  Delivery will usually be in your driveway, or side yard, per your request.
  • Before construction begins, we protect your landscaping and place a perimeter around your home with plywood and tarps. 
  • Construction begins! We tear off the old shingles and place them in a dumpster for disposal. We inspect for rotten or warped wood and replace as needed (if more than 4 sheets of plywood are needed, we will discuss with the homeowner)  Finally, we install new synthetic underlayment, ice and water barrier, shingles, ventilation system, and all other components.
  • After installation, we clean up debris, haul away the dumpster, and roll your yard with a magnetic roller to pick up any stray nails. 
  • Upon completion, the Marathon Roofing production manager will ensure the job was done well and that you are happy with it.

What Our customers say

Kevin F. ★★★★★
“We were very happy with Marathon, and John in particular. He worked tirelessly with our insurance coverage and ended up getting us a complete roof replacement even though our insurance company only wanted to cover half. The new roof is beautiful and seems to be holding up to the recent winds and rain very well.”
Ward M. ★★★★★
“I think this is the best contractor I have encountered in 8 years in the area. John runs an exceptionally responsive and professional operation.”
Linda W. ★★★★★
“We used Marathon Roofing to replace our roof in Leland and inspect and repair our roof at Carolina Beach. This is the best customer service we have experienced since we moved here in 2007. I would highly recommend Johnathan Hakes and Marathon Roofing!!”
Yelena & Bryan ★★★★★
“We would like to express our appreciation to John, with Marathon Roofing, for his fast response and a job well done on our chimney, which was damaged by strong winds. We would recommend him to anybody who need a quality job, or help with insurance clam, as Marathon is very reliable and knowledgeable company. We couldn’t have asked for better service and would definitely use this company again in the future.”